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Star Wars - Lightsabers


Another school project of the list. Did this one together with my classmate Rasmus Rigby. The task was to break apart and explain components of an object. We took it to another level and did something totally unexpected. Let us introduce, Star Wars - Lightsabers



Rasmug Rigby - Lightsabers (modeled, UV-mapped, textured)

Victor Clausson - Interior/Environment, Animation, Comp


Softwares used:

Cinema 4D
3DS Max


Substance Painter


Music by: 

Parademics Music (feat. Susanne Bard)

Christian Baczyk (Mixed & Mastered by Alex Moukala)

William Maytook


Song: The Awakening

Album: N/A

Original theme composed by John Williams, Frederick Lloyd & Samuel Hanson

Production stills

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